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Sunrooms & Patio Room Addition Kits Company
Installations Available in All 48 US States - Quality Rooms Since 1947

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   OMEGA-2 Vinyl System with Smart Glass 60 & 90  vs. Alumium

  • 4 times Less Heat Gain - Cooler in Summer & Warmer in Winter
  • 4 Times More Insulation than Our closest Competitors Glass
  • 5 Times Less Ultra Violet Helps to Prevent Furniture Damage
  • Longest Rated Dual Glass Seal [120 Years] - Helps to Prevents Mold
  • Omega-2 Smart Glass 90 Dual Roof Glass has 5 Times less Heat Gain
    Blocks 83% of the UV - 50% Less Glare - helps Eliminate Condensation
  • 1 btu Loss per hour compared to Aluminums 1,100 btu Loss per hour

   DURA-LITE Glass is Standard in our Windows, Doors & Roofs 

  • 8 Times Stronger with 2 Times more Clarity than Residential Glass
  • 10 Times More Scratch Resistant than Acrylic & Virtually Indestructable
  • A Lifetime Dura-Lite Glass Guarantee - Is Much Safer for Your Family

   TUFF-CORE Comes Standard for All Rooms

  • Expanded Polystyrene is the Same Material used in Freezers & Coolers
  • Tuff-Core 3" Wall has the Equivalent Insulation of a 72" Thick Brick Wall
  • Tuff-Core is Maintanence Free - Flexible - Durable and Moisture resistant
  • Tuff-Core is Scratch and Ding resistant and is Nearly Indestructable

Factory Micro-Assembled Walls Make for Easier Homeowner & Handyman Installs 


 Source: US News & World Report

 Sky Lights  94%
 Kitchen Remodel    90%
 Bathroom  80%
 Wood Decking   80%
 Adding Insulation   77%
 Windows & Doors  75%
 Swimming Pools    33%

Sunrooms & Patio Rooms come with a Lifetime Factory Warranty.           


Source: First Financial Funding

Project Description:
12’ by 16, Sunroom off the Kitchen, Dining or Living Rooms, Including Foundation, Insulated, Tinted Glass, Windows and Complete Electrical

            12’ by 16’ Sunroom
       Cost         Resale         Return
  $ 29,800       $ 32,780          110%

      12’ by 16’ Room Addition
   Cost          Resale         Return
 $ 54,000        $ 38,880          72%

    Omega 4 Vinyl Room Systems are Superior to Room Additions at a Fraction of the Cost.

    Most Room Additions take Months to complete and require dozens of Inspections, while a Sunrooms Only take Days and needs just one Inspection.

     Sunrooms have Pre-Approved ICBO Engineering supplied at No Charge, while Room Additions require Costly Engineering and could take Months to Approve.

      California Rooms uses C-Thru Industries Products - The  Best in the Industry and Celebrating 60 Years of Quality Rooms.

    C-Thru Rooms are Micro-Assembled and delivered to the Jobsite, ready to Install while Most Manufacturers deliver Components Only needing Assembly at the Jobsite, without the C-Thru Precision assembly at the Factory.

     Our Vinyl Windows & Doors Lose just 1.3 BTU per Hour, while Our Competitors  Aluminum Windows & Doors Lose a Whooping 1,446 BTU per hour 1,100 Times Greater LOSS.  

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